Rhinoplasty Nose Lift at Medico Global Clinic Manila

▫️ Rhinoplasty using Gore-Tex Implant
▫️ Rhinoplasty using Rib Cartilage
▫️ Tip Plasty
▫️ Alar Plasty

Rhinoplasty (commonly termed a nose job) is  a medical cosmetic procedure that is usually performed to enhance the appearance of the nose and enhance the shape of the nose for aesthetic or functional use. It is a personal and life changing experience as well.

We are using Gore-tex implant or use Rib Cartillage depends on our surgeon advise.


GoreTex implant provides superb and natural looking which enhance the shape of the nose. Tissues gets integrated into the Gore-tex implant resulting of a natural blend with your face. Goretex implants are considered safe. 
It can be done with combined Tip Plasty using ear cartilage.

Rhinoplasty using Rib Cartillage can also be used with combined Tip Plasty using ear cartilage. Rib cartilage grafts are strong, natural and is obtained from the patient's own body and that is why it is more resistant to infection.

On your appointment day, the surgeon will discuss whether you’re a good candidate for rhinoplasty. The surgeon will examine your medical history and check if you are fit for the procedure. 

Outpatient - There should be someone with you to accompany you in your way back home after the surgery.
Downtime: 2 weeks off from usual activities
Stitches out in 7 days

Recovery: 1-3 weeks

Final result can take up to 6 - 18 months

To book an appointment, kindly call or message us.

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