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Liposuction is a minor surgical procedure which is considered to be the fastest way of removing unwanted and stubborn fat in the body.

Fat are sometimes hard to illiminate even with diet and rigourous daily exercises.


No matter how healthy you eat, it is really challenging to remove unwanted fat.

With liposuction and with the expertise of surgeon, excess fat can be removed and help contour your body. It can be done in various parts of the body. Most requested are arms, belly, legs, thighs and double chin.

It is minimally invasive surgical procedure and usually done in one treatment.

Liposuction can be combined combined with other procedures like a tummy tuck or arm lift (to remove unwanted and sagging skin).

Consultation with Surgeon. 
The first step is to consult with our Surgeon. Talk about your goals, the options, the risks and benefits. All your enquiries will be discussed.
If you decide to go ahead with liposuction, our surgeon will give you instructions on how to prepare for it.

There will be laboratory test to be done. Upon clearance from the doctor, liposuction can be done on the same day or the following day.

Downtime 5-7 days
Normal activities after 2 weeks. 

What to expect?
Mild bruising, swelling and soreness for a least a few weeks.


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