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Alarplasty at Medico Global Clinic Manila 

What is an Alarplasty?

is a plastic surgery procedure in which a wedge of the wing of the nose is removed in order to alter the shape of the nostrils.

Alarplasty may be used to increase or decrease the width of the nostrils, for either cosmetic or functional reasons.

Temporary swelling is a common consequence of alarplasty.

The alar is the section on your nose where the nostrils become rounded from the tip and extending toward the cheek. Alarplasty addresses this specific area. It is a plastic surgery procedure most commonly completed to alter overly wide nostrils. This procedure is used to increase or decrease the width of the nostrils, for either cosmetic or functional reasons.

How does it work?

During the surgical procedure, a wedge of the wing of the nose is removed in order to alter the shape of the nostrils. During alarplasty, the surgeon administers local anesthesia and makes an incision either on the outside or inside of the nose in the alar region. Next, the surgeon removes a specific amount of tissue. Once this tissue is removed, the incision is sutured. This narrows the span of wide nostrils. Bone and cartilage are not touched with an alarplasty, so your recovery is easier.

What is the difference between an alarplasty and a rhinoplasty?

Unlike a rhinoplasty that can change the appearance of your entire nose, alarplasty only changes the width of the nostrils. A rhinoplasty requires a sedative and anesthesia to the patient; an alarplasty only requires local anesthesia. During a rhinoplasty the surgeon can trim away cartilage, shave down bone, or remove unnecessary soft tissue; during an alarplasty the surgeon only performs incisions to the alar region of the nose and never touches bone or cartilage.

Does it leave scars?

Because the incision is made where the nostrils meet the cheeks, the scar is able to be well hidden in the natural crease between these areas.

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